Silke Plaggenborg and Stefan Plaggenborg

Kurre Systems

motivated into the future

The name "KURRE Systems" has become synonymous for a strong partner in all areas of the cable and wire industry, as well as in specialized mechanical engineering - and for a true family business:
The Kurre family successfully managed the company for over 30 years until Silke and Stefan Plaggenborg took over in 2014. Since then they have added two more companies to the group. KFM, Kabelmaschinenfabrik Müller, from the direct local neighbourhood, and Siebe Engineering from Neustadt/Wied near Bonn.

The three fundamental pillars

Foundation of "Metall- und Maschinenbau Kurre" by Reinhold and Elisabeth Kurre,
start of manufacturing with two apprentices in Harkebrügge, Lower Saxony

Relocation to the neighboring industrial area Ramsloh 

1989, 1997, 2001, 2007
Erection of further production and office buildings, constant expansion of the number of customers and employees

Stefan and Silke Plaggenborg join the company
90 employees, 5.000 m² manufacturing area, approx. 9 million Euro turnover

complete takeover of KURRE by Stefan and Silke Plaggenborg
140 employees, 6.000 m² manufacturing area, approx. 13 million Euro turnover 

KFM, the "Kabelmaschinenfabrik Müller" is integrated into the company as KURRE-KFM

180 employees, almost 8.000 m² manufacturing area, approx. 24 million Euro turnover
Siebe Engineering becomes part of KURRE

more than 220 employees, 10.000 m² manufacturing area, more than 500 customers worldwide
Foundation of KURRE Austria

The Kurre history in media

Technical publication from the magazine DRAHT, Meisenbach Verlag

Double page taken out of a book with historical history from the Oldenburger Münsterland.

A german essay from the book Time Travel along the Fehnroute

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