5 men are standing with wide spaces between them in a machine production site.

covid 19 impact

Quickly arranged actions enable a continuation of production almost without any problems.

In Germany, the effects of Covid-19 are lower compared to other European countries. Both in terms of the number of people who fell ill and the number of deaths. One reason for this was the early lockdown. The KURRE group reacted very quickly. Wherever possible, the employees worked in home office. In addition, an empty building was converted within some days into a second office complex to allow as little as possible direct contact between people. 

On the shopfloor it was more difficult to rectify the situation. KURRE equipped its employees with mouth-nose scarfs. "We are pleased that there has not been a single Covid 19 case in our company," says KURRE owner Stefan Plaggenborg (second from the right), "but we are also seeing a reaction from the economy. However, this does not have a significant impact on current production. KURRE can continue to keep all employees working and currently has no short-time working.

"Although there have also been project postponements and even cancellations, Kurre has orders well into the next year," Plaggenborg continues. The flexibility at KURRE has compensated these effects.

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