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Double payoff without set-up times...

...also for pressure-sensitive spools - The new rewinder from KURRE scores twice over

The newly delivered double payoff automatically and seamlessly winds in the proven manner, so that upstream or downstream processes can continue at a constant speed. But it comes up with two innovations:

Firstly, the otherwise usual set-up times due to pintle exchange are eliminated. This is because a motor-adjustable multi-step pintle offers four different diameters for taking up the spools. The machine automatically moves this to the appropriate position and drives the spools reliably even at high speeds.

In addition, the customer's wish to be able to process pressure-sensitive spools (e.g. plywood spools) was taken into account. The highlight here is the independent setting of the clamping forces of the pintle and friction disc. The machine determines these automatically so that the spool has a tight fit without being deformed - unique for this type of machine.

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