Honorary certificates from the Chamber of Skilled Crafts

Michael Wernke, Rainer Stoyke and Ralf Claassen honored with the golden certificate of honor.

Michael Wernke, Rainer Stoyke and Ralf Claassen have been honored for their 40 years of service to Kurre with the golden honorary certificate of the Chamber of Crafts. Furthermore, Wolfgang Block, Gerhard Vogel, Nadine Willms and Markus Rückschloss were awarded with the silver certificate of honor, as they have been employed in the company group for 25 years.
The certificates were handed over during a ceremony at the company last Friday. Stefan Plaggenborg thanked all of them and especially highlighted the seven employees who have already completed their apprenticeship at the Kurre group  and have been part of the company ever since. "This long-standing loyalty is particularly remarkable in today's fast-moving times," said the managing director. 

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