Company owner Stefan Plaggenborg and the Austrian member of staff Robert Pinter present a signed contract.

KURRE expands its locations

KURRE Austria became a member of the group on 1st of August 2020. A warm welcome!

KURRE Spezialmaschinenbau GmbH based in Saterland will open a new branch office in Graz, Austria, on 1.8.2020. The new KURRE AT GmbH will focus on customer service in Eastern Europe from Poland to Bulgaria. It will act primarily as a sales and service branch.

"We clearly see a growing market in this area," states KURRE owner Stefan Plaggenborg. "We are also pleased to have gained an absolute expert for our company in Mr. Robert Pinter on site. On one hand, he is considered as an expert in the Eastern European business, on the other, he has many years of experience in the entire cable and wire industry".

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