Support for regional organisations

Kurre is supporting three regional projects in Saterland and Neustadt/Wied for Christmas.

The DLRG Saterland received 1,000 euro as Christmas donation by Kurre. "We are very happy to receive it", pointed out the 1st chairwoman Sabrina Rumkamp and the technical director in the training department Christian Rumkamp. The money will be used to purchase training equipment for the young lifeguards.

Kurre is also donating 500 euros to the "Seelter Buund" for the Sater Frisian language project and is supporting the soccer youth department of the Neustadt/Fernthal team with another 500 euros.

(picture from left: Stefan Plaggenborg, KURRE, Sabrina Rumkamp, 1st chairwoman DLRG Saterland, Christian Rumkamp, technical director training DLRG Saterland)

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