WIRE 2022: productnews

Winding technology, fastest banding and a multifunctional line

Winding technology from ultra-fine to XXL

In the range of winding technology, Kurre Systems presents the new automated winding system for ultra-fine wires from a diameter of 0.05 mm and onwards. The automatic machine simultaneously winds up to 12 ultra-fine wires onto a braider spool at a maximum winding speed of 600 m/min.

Furthermore, the new compact XXL-rewinding line for spools up to 3000 mm and 10 tons in portal design will be presented. The three main highlights are its automated process, its fast job changeover ability and the gentle rewinding process.

Fastest banding with lowest tension forces

The newly developed high-speed taping machine can tape reliably and evenly at a speed of 1500 revolutions per minute, even with the lowest tension forces down to 1N. This is possible because the tension force of the taping material (film, fleece, etc) is actively measured and readjusted via an integrated dancer.

Even unsintered PTFE with a width of 3 mm can be used at the maximum speed. In addition, any deviations in tension force are made visible and will be logged. The advantage in this, is it’s ability to reliably process even the most sensitive products.

Only one line for foam, solid insulation and jacketing

KURRE Systems has developed a completely new combined extrusion line for a wide range of cables. Foamed, solid insulated and jacketed cables can be produced on one single line. For the different processes, the extrusion system is equipped with in total of four extruders, that can be pushed into the line when required. This gives the highest possible flexibility with absolute space saving.

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