Heavyweights easy to handle

with the compact rewinding line for spools up to 3000 mm / 10 tons

The new large KURRE rewinding line in portal design impresses with three factors: the automated process, fast job changeover and particularly gentle rewinding.

AUTOMATION: On the side of the payoff a fully automatic spool change is possible. This is achieved by the complete driving of the payoff. With precise sensor technology, the center bores of the spools are detected, the spools are picked up and brought to the winding position.

FAST ORDER CHANGE: The next job can already be prepared while the current job is being processed. This means that the loading process of the payoff is done in a parallel process time. This considerably increases the productivity of the system. In addition, the high construction allows the spools to be processed directly with transport racks. Thus, a further relocation of the spools is not necessary.

GENTLE PRODUCT WINDING: A further principal item of the line is located between the payoff and take-up, the laying table. This is equipped with pneumatic product guide rollers, with the calibrated length measurement system MW8 as well as a hydraulic cutter. Due to the automatic repositioning of the laying table in height and in the right angle, the product flow between payoff and take-up is always optimal. This ensures a smooth product rewinding in the required product ranges of Ø 10-80 mm.

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