Kurre accumulators – all-in-one devices for every purpose

Large accumulators - very low-tension forces

Large accumulators, which also work with very low-tension forces, are produced in Germany by the company KURRE. One example is the horizontal accumulator with a capacity of 240 m and a line speed of 300 m/min. Minimum tension forces about 10 N are dynamically possible. The accumulator is also the dancer for payoff or take-up and is optionally equipped with an integrated tension force measurement device for process monitoring.
The maximum accumulator capacity is determined individually for each project and in consultation with the customer and takes into account structural requirements (facility dimensions, physical line length, etc.) and process-relevant requirements. For example, a longer storage length can be realized in favour of a lower deflection quantity or vice versa. KURRE offers horizontal and vertical accumulators for this purpose. The vertical accumulators are available as 1-fold or 2-fold versions with doubled capacity. For different products and line speeds, the current accumulator capacity can also be controlled individually. Depending on the requirements, the driven roller package is then only moved to a max. necessary position. This means that the accumulator can be used more effectively at slower line speeds and less scrap is produced during product changes. In addition, solutions with partial occupancy are also possible.
All pulleys are adapted to the respective requirements both in terms of material (plastic or aluminium with ceramic coating) and diameter.

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