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The Kurre Group

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We are your partner for wire, cable and special machines and offer expertise in many industrial fields. As a company group with high skilled employees and a lot of experience we represent versatility, flexibility - and success.

Map of Germany with 2 locations

two production sites

The KURRE headquarter is located in Ramsloh in Lower Saxony in the northwest of Germany. Our extrusion team is based in Neustadt / Wied near Bonn.

>40 years

Founded in the 70s

Both companies (KURRE Spezialmaschinenbau and SIEBE Engineering) were founded in the late 70s/early 80s. This means that we can supply you with expertise from the cable industry and specialized mechanical engineering that has grown over decades. 

>220 Employees

Kurre is growing

In the last 10 years our number of employees has more than doubled:
to more than 220.

Definitely - we are growing. Among other things, the fusion of KURRE and SIEBE and the takeover of Kabelmaschinenfabrik Müller (KFM) have enabled us to expand and we are still on course for further growth. We are constantly looking for new employees in the fields of mechanical engineering, process development, electronics and design.

90% in-house production

in-house production

KURRE produces 90% of all parts in-house. Therefore, we stand for our products like no other. Our machines are not only made in Germany – they are made by KURRE, Germany.

500 customers worldwide

More than 500 international customers

KURRE machines are in operation worldwide - from Canada to China. Our customers are mostly from the following sectors: Automotive industry and its suppliers, manufacturing of cables and fiber optic products, medical technology and aviation.

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Kurre design head team Sabrina Tamling and Thomas Deeken


3D development, mechanical design and simulation

Machines made by KURRE are adapted to special customer requirements. The implementation is done in the SolidWorks design system and in close cooperation between design, project management and you. For communication and release you will receive 3D-PDFs with all relevant details.
If required, we create prototypes for testing purposes.

Electrical design

consistent, continuous and quick



The electrical design for our machines and lines is carried out exclusively in the E-Plan P8 engineering system and is therefore consistent, continuous and quick. Once documented in the circuit diagram, the project data forms the basis for our internal production of all electrical components such as terminal boxes, control cabinets or operating elements.

The use of the most modern bus systems, remote diagnosis options and user interfaces ensures a state-of-the-art system.


life is installed here

All machines are completely assembled in our company and are put into operation and tested with all their functions. This is in fact the perfect quality assurance, because these tests combine tests of geometric manufacturing tolerances, electrical wiring and theoretically programmed functions.
These extensive tests are carried out with original customer material. In order to prove all functions according to the specifications, these tests are carried out at Kurre. Afterwards, the customer approves the transport and the subsequent shipment.
This procedure ensures a fast and effective integration into the customer's production environment.

Several Kurre employees work on the same cable machine.

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Older photo of the Kurre staff.

Company history

On the 1st October 1979 "Metall- und Maschinenbau KURRE" was founded by Reinhold Kurre. This was the beginning of a successful story. With the growing demand for automated machines and the transport of digital data, KURRE also grew.

Company history

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