Machine control + data handling

Extrusion systems with intelligent control


Our solution for your line control, the “KURRE Control & Database System”, is a new machine control system that represents our approach to Industry 4.0 and offers an improved interface for efficient control of production lines.

By using a powerful industrial PC (IPC), we achieve a high level of computing power that enables precise process documentation, visualization and optimization. The improved user interface helps our customers to operate their production systems more efficiently.

Our software is characterized by intuitive operation, which is ensured by a graphically oriented interface with logical menu navigation. This makes navigation easier for operators and helps to reduce training and operating times.


In addition, the “KURRE Control & Database System” offers comprehensive data management and analysis options. Networking options with other systems and ERP systems enable our customers to seamlessly integrate and optimize their processes.

The modular structure of our solution makes it easy to expand and update according to the individual requirements of our customers. Additional modules such as analysis tools and color change systems are available to further improve functionality.

Another highlight is our setup module, which supports the setup of the systems and ensures an error-free setup process. Predefined checkpoints and supporting images simplify the set-up process and make it safer.

The “KURRE Control & Database System” is the standard equipment for state-of-the-art production environments and represents our commitment to innovative solutions in system control for the extrusion industry.