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In excellent care – even after the purchase


At KURRE Systems, service goes beyond the purchase. Our dedicated team is at your side even after the deal has been closed. Why is our after-sales service so important?

  • Fast response times and proactive communication:We are always there for you. We respond promptly to questions or problems and offer individual solutions.
  • Tailor-made offers: Every customer is unique. That’s why we tailor our services to your needs. Whether maintenance, repair or spare parts – we will find the optimum solution.
  • Continuous feedback and improvements: Your opinion is important to us. We listen and turn your feedback into concrete improvements.

Why should you rely on our after-sales service?

We want you to be completely satisfied. First-class service helps to ensure that you remain loyal to us. That’s why we don’t see our customers as one-off transactions, but as long-term partners. Over 40 years of business relationships confirm this. Together we create added value.

Put your trust in our after-sales service – because your success is our goal!

Ready for the future


As part of our modernization strategy and our commitment to sustainability, together we offer you the opportunity to carry out a comprehensive update of your systems and replace various parts and components. We strive for solutions such as retrofits or upgrades that not only maintain the performance of your machines, but also improve their environmental sustainability.

Regular maintenance or replacement is essential to ensure the production capability of your machines, particularly in the area of electronic parts and control components. Here we take a holistic approach and support you in finding efficient and resource-saving solutions.

We are also happy to check your systems for possible process engineering improvements. We develop tailor-made concepts for you to implement qualitative and quantitative optimizations that not only improve your production processes, but also contribute to sustainable operation.

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Quick and simple


In our company, it is in the nature of our work to provide spare parts quickly and easily – especially for older systems. If certain components are no longer available, we make use of our in-house production facilities to create custom-fit replacement designs. In doing so, we focus on quality and innovation.

Our experts work hard to find alternative solutions for components, be it in the area of electrical components or other critical parts. We pride ourselves on offering our customers reliable and sustainable solutions.

You can rely on our many years of experience and our commitment to excellent service.

Always “on site”


Efficient remote maintenance and software upgrades for your systems

At KURRE Systems, we offer you a first-class remote maintenance service for your machines and systems. Here are some reasons why you can benefit from our expertise:

  • Time savings: Instead of waiting for a technician on site, we can analyze and resolve problems remotely. This saves valuable time and minimizes downtime.
  • Cost efficiency: Remote maintenance allows us to avoid unnecessary travel costs and reduce the time and effort required for on-site visits. This not only protects your budget, but also the environment.
  • Fast software adaptations and upgrades: We can easily carry out software updates and adaptations. Whether new functions, security improvements or performance optimizations – we keep your systems up to date.
  • Troubleshooting support: We are on hand immediately in the event of faults. Our experts will analyze the fault and guide you through the troubleshooting process. This is how we minimize production downtime.

Put your trust in our remote maintenance expertise – we are always there for you, wherever you are!

The security of your data is fully taken into account and guaranteed.

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