Multifunctional and space-saving - the all-in-one-winder

KURRE has developed a new all-in-one-winder for spools with a diameter from 250 to 630 mm. With a length of just four meters and packable in a sea container, the following components are combined: a 300 mm double wheel capstan, a dancer with several operating modes and tension ranges, a semi-automatic double winder with integrated lift and turntable, a transport carriage and a product accumulator with up to 40m capacity.
The all-in-one-winder is absolutely space-saving and can be easily repositioned. Together with all the components installed, it offers the highest possible flexibility for current and future requirements.
In addition, the winder is equipped with the KURRE laying computer. This automatic edge correction compensates an uneven laying pattern and prevents unwinding issues during following production steps.  Further customer-specific changes are possible at any time.

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