Trouble-free and calibrated

The length counter for wires, cables, profiles, tubes and filaments MW50

Kurre Systems has redesigned the length counter for wires, cables, profiles, tubes and filaments. From now on, the new model MW50 replaces the previous measuring track MW5.

The MW50 is characterized by many improvements. For example, signal exchange now takes place via a serial interface in full duplex mode. This means that data can be sent to the control system almost in real time. A line filter is integrated into the counter as standard, so that measurement errors through outer electronic interferences have been completely eliminated. In addition, the new caterpillar has improved handling features, e.g. when placing the product on the caterpillar.
Depending on the requirements, the KURRE Systems length measurement MW50 is pre-calibrated and thus can be certified for the measurement of sales goods. Products with a diameter of 1 - 50 mm and a maximum winding speed of 600 m/min can be measured. Flat products with a width and thickness of up to 37 mm are also part of the measuring portfolio.

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