An existing machine in the cable production will be technically updated and repaired.

Retrofit and control system upgrade

In the process of modernization and termination of various parts and components, we will work with you to find an appropriate replacement in the form of a retrofit or an upgrade. Electronic parts to complete control systems have to be regularly maintained or completely replaced for a production-proof machinery.

We can also check your systems with regard to process engineering improvements and work out possibilities for you to achieve qualitative and quantitative optimizations.  

The supply of spare parts, especially for older generation systems, is standard for us. If components are technically no longer available, appropriate replacement designs are created or replacement solutions for e.g. electrical components are found.

remote maintenance

An unexpected failure of parts or other external circumstances can cause problems with existing equipment. To avoid lengthy on-site assignments of our electrical engineers, they can instead access your system via remote maintenance, locate possible causes of faults and assist in their elimination. In addition, minor software adaptations or upgrades can be imported directly from our company into the system control without incurring high operating costs.

Your data security is of course fully taken into account and ensured.  

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