Machine for professional use, for plasticizing and sheathing wires, etc.

Our extrusion lines are primarily used for cable production. A physical process is used to apply molten material, for example plastic, to various wires and to coat them.

Furthermore, tubes, solid plastic rods, medical technology products or highly complex sheathed cables can be produced in this way. 

Complete system control

Extrusion lines with intelligent control system.
The extended line control system enables optimized data handling adapted to your requirements. In addition, it can be easily integrated into existing plant PCs via a second Ethernet interface.

It logs all analog values (temperatures, speeds, pressures, etc.) at second intervals and stores the data for a period of one year. The visualization is done by a y(t) plotter.

The data can also be transferred to other computers via CSV export and evaluated there. Paper printouts and screenshots can be selected directly from the monitor.

Each spool receives a spool protocol. The logs are saved and can also be printed if necessary. The spool data is backed-up directly during production in a power-failure-proof manner.

A remote maintenance of all used components is possible. This remote maintenance improves the line availability by minimizing downtime in the event of a fault and simplifies maintenance work as well.

A safe system operation is ensured by means of backup and securing functions such as:

  • Overpressure shutdown
  • Start-up inhibit at insufficient temperature
  • Stop at excess temperature
  • Motor current limit
  • Emergency stop
  • Tolerance and alarm monitoring
  • Monitoring the sensor signals
  • System stop at wire break

In addition to the standard functions with convenient operation and recipe data management, this ensures smooth operation of the entire extrusion line.

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