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KURRE Systems presents its individual heating and warmth concepts

Heat is a key process application in many industries. Especially in the cable industry, where the German company KURRE Systems has been at home for decades. In the field of heating and thermal systems, KURRE Systems offers a broad portfolio that is constantly being expanded.

“A broad field in which heat is used is the desizing or degreasing of products. In our tube ovens, for example, cables and wires, but also tapes of all kinds, are effectively solved from unwanted substances – even over long distances,” explains designer Jakob Luft. “A defined, homogeneous temperature distribution and very good temperature constancy are particularly important to us. We also focus on sustainability by minimising energy losses. We achieve the latter in particular through sophisticated insulation concepts. “In addition to a safe process,” Jakob Luft continues, “occupational safety is always our top priority. For example, the surface temperatures of our tube furnaces remain permanently well below the permissible limits on the outer surfaces, even when temperatures of over 600 °C are reached on the inside.

KURRE Systems’ knowledge never stands still – not even in the field of heat treatment. Thus, the previous design of the tube oven has recently been significantly further developed: The centre section now consists of two half shells that form the full shell when closed. This simple idea has a great effect: the laborious inserting of the product to be treated is no longer required. In the open position, the oven simply moves over the product and locks it in the centre in its final position. In the case of a malfunction, this mechanism allows a quicker separation of product and oven without damaging the product or injuring the operator. The proven modular design also allows effortless variation of the effective heating distance. The further development of the design now also enables a space-optimised stacking arrangement in the form of a deflection oven.

In addition to the well-known tube furnaces, KURRE Systems also develops other heating concepts – always tailor-made to individual customer and product requirements. Recently, these have often included solutions for treating fluorine or carbon materials in both round and tape-shaped configurations. KURRE Systems frequently designs systems or individual machines for this purpose that carry out cleaning processes or initiate structural changes in the thermoplastic – so that the material can be specifically supplied to the downstream processes with the desired new properties.

With all its expertise and know-how, KURRE Systems always lives and grows with the challenges of its customers. This is how the lines and machines have been created over the decades, with which KURRE Systems repeatedly underlines its competence in special machine construction.

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