Perfectly winded, foil wrapped, labeled and palletized


The new drum spooler from KURRE Systems leaves no wish unfulfilled

In the further development of the drum spooler, KURRE Systems has gone several steps further and now offers its customers a system that outputs a perfectly winded, foil-wrapped and labeled spool onto a pallet fully automatically every 90 seconds or 500 meters.

In contrast to the former drum spooler, the product range has been expanded to include diameters from 1 to 20 mm. In the process, the large portal pay-off now holds drums with a diameter of up to 2800 mm and a weight of up to 10 t. In the take-up area, disposable spools made of plywood, plastic or solid wood with a diameter of 375 to 800 mm and a winded weight of up to 500 kg are processed. A large magazine for up to 39 empty spools, a pallet storage for up to 10 pallets as well as the integrated vertical storage with a capacity of 70 m ensure the self-sufficient operation of the line over a longer time period.

On their way to the winding station, the empty spools are reliably separated and, thanks to sensors, aligned so that the start of the product is automatically shot into the spool core and clamped to enable fully automatic overlapping at full line speed. Within the line, the product is detected for defects by measuring devices and cut to length with the assistance of a calibratable length measurement. The integrated data logger stores this and other important production data in order to monitor the process and, for example, issue corresponding labels or reliably sort out defect lengths.

The winding process is followed by integrated spool foiling, in which a press-on roller system ensures cleanly foiled spools and prevents protruding ends. The tensile insensitive laying allows the use of foils with a thickness of only 20 µm.

Completely redesigned and thus the centerpiece is the subsequent fully equipped palletizer with 4-axis palletizing head and integrated suction unit for paperboard bases. This can transport spools either upright or lying down. The pick-up head can easily be converted from upright to horizontal transport without the need for tools. Thanks to the rotating arm, the spools are positioned so that they can be labeled on the flange as well as on the wrapping material with the same applicator inside the palletizer. At the end, three areas hold pallets for defect spools, finished spools and paperboard bases, which can be placed as bottom, intermediate or top layer.

Connected to the conveyor belt for palletizing the finished spools is a storage unit for pallets, which can easily accommodate different types, such as Euro or container pallets, and transport them via the conveyor belt. The final stretching unit automatically and reliably wraps the entire pallet for further transport of the spools to the end customer.

The system can be operated with tensile forces ranging from 15 to 400 newtons. On customers request, the tensile force range of the line can be adapted. Like almost all lines and machines from KURRE Systems, this line was also individually designed and constructed according to customer-specific parameters, e.g. in order to be optimally integrated into the existing installation site.


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